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TW1616EX Men's Shirt

TW1616EX Men's Shirt

100% Polyester
White, Smoke Green, Vivid Blue, Navy Blue

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By using impregnated Xylitol, a completely natural technology, VERYCOOLTM clothing from YONEX absorbs heat and perspiration, providing a significant cooling effect during exercise. No matter what the ambient temperature, VERYCOOLTM lowers body heat by 3°C for cooler play. YONEX clothing also intercepts infrared radiation and approximately 92% of ultraviolet, minimizing heat build-up in clothing during play.


Tennis Tech VERYCOOL 1

Keep cool, keep dry, keep protected

This new 'cross shaped' characteristic creates a fabric with multiple features; lighter, quicker drying with better moisture transfer and UV protection, making it indispensable when playing tennis in the beating sun and high temperatures.

cross shaped

Cross section of the material

Avoid the discomfort of static electricity

Carbon impregnated, conductive fibres, woven into the stitching of the clothing remove the build-up of static electricity, therefore avoiding discomfort when changing your clothes.

carbon i.c. fibre

Microscopic view of a carbon impregnated conductive fibre

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